Council calls for parents to focus on ‘child safety’

Hayshead Primary School
Hayshead Primary School

Concerned parents have spoken out about parking safety at a local primary school, after a child was struck by a car.

The young boy was hit last Friday afternoon when leaving Hayshead Primary School - sustaining a minor injury in the incident.

One parent, who asked not to be named, said: “The only thing saving him was that the driver was going slow. Parents are continually parking, dropping kids off and picking them up on the zigzag lines as well as the double yellow lines out side the school gates. The children all got a talk from their teachers to tell them of the danger on these crossings.”

A Police Scotland spokeswoman said: “Police Scotland attended at St Abbs Road, Arbroath on Friday, January 27, at 3.28pm after reports of road traffic incident involving a child pedestrian and car. The child suffered a minor injury and was checked out by ambulance staff and later allowed home.”

Another parent, speaking about the parking outside the school on Tuesday, highlighted the ongoing issue.

She said: “With the incident of a child being knocked to the ground involving a car, this is a serious issue.”

“There were cars parked at the top of St Abbs Road, on the zig zag lines opposite the school gate, but also one was parked on the opposite side on the zig zags and the pavement - causing an obstruction for people trying to get to the school and for crossing the road.”

Following the incident, Angus Council has called for parents to put “child safety first.”

A spokesman said: “We appeal to everyone who takes a child to school by car to put child safety first – that means the safety of all children. Stick to speed limits – they are a maximum, not a recommended speed – slow down when approaching the school and pay attention.

“When parking or dropping off, try to do so a distance away from the school gates and then walk the rest of the way with your child. Park safely and do not park on the zig-zag lines outside the school entrance, or anywhere where that could cause an obstruction. When crossing the road, cross with care, preferably at a pedestrian crossing and always be aware of what is going on around you.

“School children, their parents and guardians are frequently reminded of the importance of road safety around our schools for pedestrians, passengers and drivers. We will continue to work closely with Police Scotland to identify and address illegal and inappropriate parking at and around our schools.”

This isn’t the first occasion that parking has been an issue. In February 2015, the Herald reported how Police Scotland had teamed up with Hayshead Parent Council to carry out patrols to address the issue of illegal and inappropriate parking in the immediate environment of the school during drop off and pick up.

Enforcement action carried out when police were in attendance, saw drivers facing a £30 fixed penalty notice. The clampdown was deemed successful at the time, with a reduction in vehicles committing offences at the end of the week.