Colleges ‘married’ at the Abbey

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Arbroath Abbey provided the backdrop to another historic moment as the logo for the new Dundee and Angus College was unveiled.

According to college representatives the Abbey was chosen because of its growing popularity as a wedding venue.

Graham Ramsay, student president elect of the new institution said: “The merger of Dundee and Angus Colleges is a like a marriage, not something that either party goes into lightly.

“It is a serious business and both organisations have shown commitment and dedication to make it work.”

The 21-year-old won a vote held across both Dundee and Angus Colleges to secure the full-time president’s position and was happy to unveil the new insignia.

The logo, in bold purple and turquoise, was designed in-house and chosen from a range of options by members of the Tayside Partnership Board.

Dundee and Angus College will come into being on ‘vesting day’ Friday, November 1.