College’s ‘soft skills’ valued in Europe


ANGUS College is taking a lead role in a European project designed to help potential employees learn effective ‘soft’ skills.

The 400,000 euros Network for Soft Skills Innovation for Employment (Nessie) project involves the research and development of training materials in six languages.

It will call on the skills of German, Swedish, Greek, Romanian, Italian and Dutch representatives from the education, private training and labour market fields.

It will target the unemployed or recently employed and help improve their attitude, motivation and communication skills.

Angus College was given the lead due to the success of the institution’s Skill Zone team which has successfully helped young people develop their soft skills in building confidence and self esteem and effective time management.

Project manager Mina Welsh said: “To many, this sort of attitude to work might seem obvious, but to people unused to the workplace the kind of discipline required can be daunting and the project materials will offer support and guidance to make the most of these opportunities.”

The project will run from now until its conclusion in September 2014 at a dissemination event in Brussels.