Bookbug reading challenge success

YOUNG Angus bookworms have had a busy summer.

Nearly 800 primary school children visited their local libraries and read six books each over the holidays as part of the annual summer reading challenge.

This year’s challenge, entitled Circus Stars, has been the most popular ever and, as well as reading, the children took part in various competitions.

Around 215 children joined a library in Angus for the first time and almost 70 per cent of children who signed up for the challenges successfully completed them.

The challenge is co-ordinated by the Reading Agency and last year took place in 97 per cent of UK libraries.

In addition, children under four participated in their own Bookbug Challenge by having six books read to them over the holidays.

In Angus 356 completed the challenge and received special teddy bears.

Angus libraries have a number of activities for both adults and children ranging from reminiscence groups to reading groups, Bookbug sessions to Chatterbooks groups.

Please contact your nearest Angus library for details or visit