£10.6 million pledged for Arbroath schools

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Hard figures for the multi-million pound renovation of Arbroath’s school stock were revealed in Angus Council’s capital budget this week.

The ‘2013/18 Financial Plan and Provisional Capital Budget’ went before Angus councillors in Forfar yesterday (Thursday), and contained over £21 million of proposed developments.

Timmergreens and Warddykes primary schools are first in line as part of Phase One of the Arbroath Schools Project which will cost Angus Council in total £10.6 million with an additional £662,000 from an SFT Hub grant and £104,000 from revenue funding.

Both schools will be rebuilt on their existing sites and are currently at the design, development and procurement stage and will proceed to construction simultaneously in October this year.

Pupils from Timmergreens will be decanted to temporary units at Muirfield during construction and the new build is expected to open in January 2016, welcoming 222 children and 30 pre-school places.

The new Warddykes will be built to the west of the existing building allowing the school to operate as usual. The new build will open in April 2016 and host 335 children and 40 pre-school places. It is also future-proofed and can accommodate a further three classes.

The expected expenditure this year on the project is £1,000,000, with £4,207,000 spent next year, £4,000,000 in 2015/16 and £2,000,000 in 2016/17.

A total of £9,000,000 has been allocated for Phase Two, the new Hayshead Primary School, construction which is expected to begin in December 2015.

Arbroath Academy will also be the recipient of a total of £1,003,000 of improvements. The technology suite will be reconfigured to the tune of £808,000, with £98,000 spent this year and the bulk of the work, around £590,000, done in 2014/15 with the remainder split over subsequent years.

A total of £190,000 has been appropriated from existing council funds, reducing the authority’s additional spend to £628,000.

The Academy will also benefit from a £295,000 synthetic pitch project, £250,000 of which is developer contribution. This is earmarked for ‘later years’ and although £2,000 has already been spent the bulk is planned for post 2018.