Early arrival - Kacie Lee checks in!

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AN ARBROATH couple had a momentous four days last week. It started when their baby was born in their car early on Wednesday morning and was brought to a romantic conclusion when they became engaged on Saturday evening.

Sarah Jane Harper (25) and Glen Bullivant (27), 11 Fraser Place, thought they had plenty of time to spare when Sarah started to experience labour pains.

Already having two children, Lori (6) and Caitlin (5), both of whom are pupils at Timmergreens Primary School, she considered herself well versed in the birthing process.

Sarah Jane takes up the story: “On Tuesday, I had been having contractions every couple of hours throughout the day. Then, by half two they were coming every two minutes.”

She and Glen decided to head for Ninewells but as they were driving along Sarah told him to pull over. She went on: “I knew that the baby was coming. We were in the car park at Premier Inn at Ethiebeaton.”

Glen, who also has two children, Jessica (6) and Lewis (4), from a previous relationship, said: “I looked to see if anything was happening and her waters had definitely broken.

“I called the ambulance service and they explained what I should do until the ambulance crew arrived. During this process the head was halfway delivered and I heard Sarah say, ‘That’s the ambulance here’.

“I never even looked up and the first I knew they were there was when the chap leaned past me and took over. It was an experience I will remember for the rest of my life.”

Sarah and newborn baby Kacie Lee, who weighed in at 7 lbs 12 ozs, were then whisked to Ninewells by ambulance, with dad left to follow by car.

Both were given the all clear but were kept in overnight. On Saturday, Glen’s mum and step-dad, Kate, and Roy Carter-Brown, made the journey north to see the new arrival and stayed at the Premier Inn. The family had a meal at Brewer’s Fair during which Glen got down on one knee to propose and Sarah said yes!