Dump it! People see red over green trial

A NEW recycling scheme which starts in parts of Arbroath from Monday has already been branded rubbish by people worried about the trial.

Selected households have been supplied with a new purple bin for general waste as well as an outdoor food waste bin and an indoor kitchen caddy.

From Monday general waste and recyclables will be collected every two weeks and food waste once a week.

However, with an extra two bins to accommodate outside and an additional bin inside, several of those involved in the trial are worried about where they will store them and took to the Arbroath Herald Facebook page to vent their concern.

Kevin Baker wrote: “Just where do the council think I’m going to put more bins?

“I’m all for recycling but come on this is getting ridiculous.

“We as busy householders with children do not have the time free to sort out all the different types.”

Elma Thompson agreed and added: “More bins to take out and for the seagulls to feast on and bins to clutter up my kitchen and back door which in a block of flats will be 10 bins.

“Where are we meant to put the plastic bags for composting as no letters telling us when they will be emptied.”

While Lynsey Dakers said: “It is good in theory but a lot of people don’t recycle now and won’t start just because there’s a few extra bins.

“I live in a block of flats and the general waste bins are always overflowing and I expect the problem to get worse with reducing the size of them.”

As well as homes in Arbroath, selected parts of Carnoustie and some rural areas are also being used as pilot areas.

However, the council’s convenor of neighbourhood services, Councillor Donald Morrison, is hopeful everybody will do their bit towards increasing recycling rates.

He said: “I encourage everyone in the trial areas to participate fully in the scheme to help make it a success by increasing Angus’ future recycling rates.

”Residents should find it will be easier to recycle more items from home as well as assisting the council to meet its recycling targets.

“The cost of sending waste to landfill sites is increasing every year, therefore, by recycling you are helping to save money on disposal costs, as well as helping the environment.

“The trial will run for six to 12 months and if it is successful, we plan to roll it out throughout Angus.

“If any householder in the trial requires further information or assistance, they should contact the council’s ACCESSLine on 08452 777 778, or visit www.angus.gov.uk/recycling.”