Driver questions bollards safety

Unlit Westway centre of the road bollards.
Unlit Westway centre of the road bollards.

A LOCAL driver is concerned about the danger posed by the ‘Keep Left’ bollards near the top of Emislaw Drive on the Westway.

Mr David Beattie says that they are covered in mud to the extent that even if they were illuminated at night, they could not be seen.

And he believes that the substantial concrete plinths on which they stand also constitute a hazard as they are invisible when it is dark.

He commented: “Cars park within the cycle lane along the length of the Westway, which means that drivers have to move out towards the middle of the road.

“The bollards and the plinth they are on are not readily visible when the street lights go out and you are on them before you are aware they are there.”

He suggested that the bollards be kept clean and illuminated and that the plinth should be painted white.

Arbroath Police Inspector Adrian Robertson said that in the last six months there had only been one accident at the site indicated by the complainer.

He continued: “Road safety is of paramount importance so I sent an officer up to have a look at the bollards and he confirmed that they were dirty.

“I have been in touch with Angus Council and have requested that they be cleaned.

“It is a major concern if signage or a structure were to be considered dangerous and likely to cause an accident and in such instances people are asked to report their concerns immediately to either the police or the council through the Access line.

“I am now aware of the issue and have asked the roads department to rectify the problem.”

A spokesperson for Angus Council said: “There is an electrical cabling fault in these traffic bollards which we were unable to investigate thoroughly while the Dundee Road traffic was diverted via the Westway during the recent roadworks.

“Now that levels of traffic have returned to normal in Westway, we have undertaken investigation of the traffic bollards and are planning in due course to install solar lighting here in place of the present electrical lighting system.

“The visibility of the bollards during the hours of darkness is reduced due to the lighting fault, not because of the dust which is affecting other bollards throughout Angus in this current dry spell of weather.”