Double brush with fame for reporter

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Every now and again modern technology has a habit of surprising you.

That was the case last week following Arbroath Herald reporter Johnston Ralston’s video interview with rock legend Ginger Wildheart of The Wildhearts.

Ginger was enjoying a couple of days rest in Arbroath during his journey of inspiration along the British coastline when the Herald caught up with him on Wednesday at the Harbour Nights Guesthouse.

Already pleased to have had the rare opportunity to interview an international celebrity, Johnston was delighted to discover that his video had amassed an impressive 1,920 views in the space of three days after linking it via Twitter.

The icing on the cake however was the discovery that this video would have appeared on the Twitterfeed of the President of the United States himself, Barack Obama.

Johnston said: “I was a bit surprised to discover that President Obama followed Ginger Wildheart on Twitter.

“It’s probably a very small chance, but I like to think that one of the 1,900 views of the video was on a computer in the Oval Office.”

Whether President Obama watched the video or not, Ginger Wildheart’s interview about his visit to Arbroath is still available on our website at