‘Dojo’ want to get involved with Karate?

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An Arbroath martial arts club has gained charitable status in its first step to creating a new generation of karate Kids.

Members of the Arbroath Shotokan Karate Club were delighted to receive news recently that their application to become a registered Scottish Charity has been approved.

Karate moves

Karate moves

Sensei Jim Stewart, chairman of the club and senior instructor, said: “We’ve noticed over the last few years that member numbers have been slowly reducing.

“Rather than sit back and hope for the best, we’ve decided to do something about it and attaining charitable status is the first step in what we hope will be a very successful recovery strategy.

“Karate is a fantastic sport for young people especially to get involved in.

“It’s not only physical and good all-round fitness training, it also teaches discipline, good manners and restraint - basic good life skills.”

Karate belt coklour system

Karate belt coklour system

Club secretary Gordon Milne added: “We know that, in this period of austerity, a lot of families just simply don’t have the cash for kids to get involved in sports and clubs.

“What we want to provide Arbroath with is an all-inclusive opportunity for kids and adults to come along to our training sessions, be provided with equipment and kit and get involved.

“Achieving charity status is the first step towards our goal and lets us now apply for grants and rebates that will hopefully open up the doors to kids who really want to do something like Karate but simply can’t afford it.”

The club, which has been training in Arbroath since 1975, meets and trains twice a week, Tuesday night and Saturday morning, at the Saltire Sports Centre.

Members currently range in age from eight to 55 and are of all abilities.

Anyone interested in either trying karate or supporting the club can contact Jim on 01241 830376 or by email at arbroath.shotokan@btinternet.com.

Jim added: “Our club is really friendly and very supportive of anyone who wants to simply try karate out.

“We would be delighted to see as many new faces as possible.”