Dog fouling drives Arbroath lady “wild”

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The messy issue of dog fouling has reared its ugly head again after an Arbroath lady was angered to find her street blighted with it.

Mrs Lynda Mclean approached the Arbroath Herald after her home in Seafield Road was mired in dog mess.

She said: “From our house to the end of the road going to Great Michael Road, it’s like a minefield, it’s truly disgusting.

“It’s just happened in the last week or so.”

Especially at risk she says are the many children who pass along that route heading towards St Thomas RC Primary School, Hayshead Primary or Arbroath Academy.

She said: “There’s lots of kids coming up that way going to school and you know what children are like, they are excited to be going and not paying attention. A lot of it has been stepped in.”

Things came to a head at the weekend according to Mrs Mclean. She explained: “On Saturday it just made me wild and I kicked it off the pavement. I don’t have a dog and I’m not going to clean up after somebody else’s dog.

“It must be happening first thing in the morning as normally I’m in. It’s just disgusting, it’s not the dog’s fault, why the owners can’t carry bags I don’t know.”

Mr and Mrs Mclean have recently returned from a holiday in Perthshire where it appears to be a different story. She explained: “There were so many people with dogs on the cycle paths and we never saw one bit of dog fouling. I thought, ‘we must be in a different country here!’.”

A spokesperson for Angus Council said: “If you know the name of the offender, please contact your local police station or Angus Council via ACCESSLine on 08452 777 778.”