Does Canada have the answer?

THE HERALD campaign continues in earnest this week as our crusade is getting discussion going in not just Arbroath, but further afield.

Following our latest efforts highlighting problem areas in Arbroath which are blighted by dog poo one reader has been in touch from Canada.

Jeff Skea from Ontario suggested a stronger response from the local authority could be the answer. He said: “We used to have a problem with dog dirt here as well but since the laws changed it has gone down dramatically as offenders are fined.

“We are encouraged to take photos of the offenders and report it to the law. I have personally caught folk allowing their dog to mess on my lawn and try to leave it there. A sound reminder changed that plan and the owner picked it up.

“Leashes are required the second you leave your own property but we have dog parks where leashes are not needed as they are fenced in.”

He added: “My wife and I are coming to Arbroath the end of March and will be looking for this problem each day we go for a walk! I will gladly remind any offenders we come upon as well.”

Dog owner Jamie Ross also emailed in with the suggestion that more dog refuse bins are the answer.

He said: “I totally agree with the lady that wrote in last week’s Herald about there not being enough dog bins all over the town.

“I have four dogs and I’m also left with bags to carry around, sometimes for a mile or so. As far as I can remember the dog bins have been there since around 1990, but very few others have been added since then.

“There are very few on the streets of the town so I think a good few more would help considerably.”

Of course the problem is not just restricted to Arbroath, reader Fiona King from Friockheim wrote in about the problem in her neck of the woods.

She said: “In Gardyne Street in Friockheim, the pavement and road outside our house often has mess not picked up. On two occasions it even covered the entire pavement between ourselves and two neighbours. It’s hard to miss seeing this.”

Also pegged this week as a problem zone is the Hospitalfield and Kinghorne area and the St Vigeans nature trail.

l What do you think of Jeff Skea’s idea? Should the law take a tougher stand on dog fouling? Send us your thoughts in the usual way.