Do wild haggis really exist?

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A JOKE picture posted on Facebook by an Arbroath-based jewellery firm of a ‘haggis family’ has gone viral leaving people wondering if haggis really are small animals!

The picture was uploaded by Jill Henderson to her Highland Treasures Jewellery page, showing the food stuff looking like small creatures.

Jill, who has also worked closely with the Red Lichtie tartan designer, Steven Patrick Sim, only shared the picture to add a Scottish twist to her page

And as a bit of fun she captioned the picture explaining the haggi were: “Resting awhile in the hills and glens of our beautiful highland countryside.”

But since then, the picture has been shared 2,491 times and has 682 likes. It has caused quite a stir with people from around the world thinking these ‘haggis’ creatures really exist!

Jill said: “I have had people from all over comment that the item has flooded Facebook and given people a giggle, some believing it and others playing along with the mythology linked to the elusive Scottish haggis! I am interacting with the comments to keep the Haggis alive. For instance we now have a word for a baby Haggis, a ‘haguette’ and people seem to be enjoying it!”