Disney dream come true for Sophie

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A young Arbroath girl with a life-threatening brain tumour was treated like a princess for a day by a local drama company to celebrate her eighth birthday.

On Friday Sophie Gray, a Primary 3 pupil at Warddykes, became a Disney princess from ‘Frozen’ for the day thanks to the efforts of Lorna Kydd, the LimeLight Company and her schoolmates, to celebrate her birthday which took place on Sunday.

Mike Carlin from LimeLight explained: “We called on the help of Arbroath’s local businesses to help make this a day that Sophie and her family wouldn’t forget! The afternoon started with a pampering session at The Salon where Sophie had her hair and nails done, then it was back to the house for her finishing touches - her own Princess Elsa dress.

“What next? Well every princess needs a carriage, right? So we called on the help of Carnoustie Chauffeurs to see if they could supply a very special vehicle - not a problem!

“What else? It’s not a party without music, is it? Jivin’ Jim came to the rescue here and boy, did he get the 250-plus kids hyper! ASDA even stepped in and provided the sweets, crisps and juice for the whole school! With a few helium balloons generously donated, the hall was ready for its princess!!

“Elsa, Anna, Olaf and Sven waited with the kids who chanted Sophie’s name while she strolled into the building. The smile on her face proved we had done well! Our own singing Elsa and Anna provided the entertainment while Sven and Olaf were swamped, pulled and pushed by kids. It was definitely a day to remember!

“Why did we put so much effort into this? Well in early 2014, Sophie was diagnosed with a rare inoperable brain tumour.

“Since being diagnosed, Sophie has been an incredibly brave and strong little girl who’s smile could light up any room and has the manners of a proper princess, so we treated her like one!”

On Wednesday, Sophie underwent an operation on her brain tumour and, according to her mother, Sarah, all went well. She wrote on Facebook: “Still early days but surgeons happy with her response so far, she’s moving arms and legs and has spoken to us, she’s still very sleepy but is looking great.

“The surgeons reckon they have managed to remove over 50 per cent of her tumour but will get a better idea when she gets an MRI in a few days. Still a long recovery ahead but she’s made of strong stuff. Thank you to everyone for your support and well wishes.”