Digust at fly tipping in Brothock Burn

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THE CHAIR of Arbroath Community Council has called on local residents to take more pride in the town after rubbish was found floating in the Brothock Burn.

Pat Millar spoke of her “disgust” after debris including a bike and a plastic chair were found to have been tipped into the water.

And she is now urging people to dispose of their rubbish responsibly and take time to clean up after themselves. She said: “Speaking as both an Arbroath resident and chair of the community council, I abhor these people who think they can just dump their rubbish in the burn.

“We need to care for our environment and keep the town clean.

“If people do have large items all it takes is a call to the council who can come and remove some of them for you.”

And as the new year brings new hope for regeneration in the centre of Arbroath, Mrs Millar hopes people bear this in mind before littering the streets and burn.

She added: “How can we improve the town if people aren’t prepared to look after it properly and always expect other people to clean up?

“If we want to encourage more people to come and spend their money here we have to take pride in where we live.”

Pictured is the Brothock Burn just before the end of 2010 collecting discarded articles such as a bicycle, plastic chair and a strange metal object.