Diamond Jubilee committee update

THE NEXT meeting of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Committee will be held at the Volunteer Centre, Arbroath, on Wednesday (March 14) from 7 to 9 p.m.

Angela Smith stressed that there is still time for new groups in Arbroath to become involved in the planning and performing on the main stage.

She extended thanks to those who have already responded but requested that if these groups have not had a reply, they should ‘phone her on 07854 484747 or 01241 430937.

Angie said: “Many groups have already responded to me and I am gathering the information which I need to send to the main organisers. Something I am missing from many of you are numbers of people in your groups and budget proposals. I need these numbers by March 10 to keep my sanity, March 14 to drive me a little crazy and absolutely no later than March 16 because my numbers have to reach them by the following day.

“Some groups have not yet responded to me at all so I just want you to know that it is still possible to participate after those dates but you will not be given a piece of the budget or able to perform on the main stage if you are a performing group.”