Dedicated Californian Lichtie fan

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Despite a tumultuous season, support for Arbroath’s home team has never reached so far.

Anthony Warn (21) contacted the Arbroath Herald to ask for help in getting a signed football shirt from the team.

“I am an American, with Mexican parents, so soccer has been in my life since I was very young,” Anthony explained.

“I am a big fan of the game in general so I tend to watch soccer matches from around the world.”

The keen fan lives in Ventura on the north west coast of California and has yet to visit Scotland. Anthony one day stumbled across a Scottish League One game in which Arbroath were playing.

“Once relegated I had already began to follow the teams so I continued to support them when they were in League Two,” he said.

“For a couple of week’s I would watch League Two games and I began to get more into it. I just began liking their form of play, their jersey, their emblem and I suppose you could say I grew fond of the team and started rooting for them.”

Anthony is looking forward to a day where he will be able to see the team play at Gayfield.