Decorate your website with your lights!

Are you proud of your Christmas lights? Then we want to see them.
Are you proud of your Christmas lights? Then we want to see them.

This Christmas we’re hoping to light up our websites with videos of your very own festive lights and decorations in your homes.

Love them or hate them, lights around people’s houses are becoming increasingly popular at this time of year.

Many do it to simply cheer up their street and make people smile in these austere times, while others are annual extravaganzas which raise money for various different charities.

We are asking our readers and online users to submit a short video clip of 15 seconds of their house lit up this Christmas.

We want to see the front of your houses in all their festive glory with the chance of them being displayed on our websites and over the festive period.

To enter, all you need to is submit a clip of a maximum of 15 seconds, which must be a video, to before 2 p.m. on Friday, December 20.

Please try to keep your camera as still as possible and don’t forget to include your contact details in the email, so we can let you know if you’ve won.

The winner see their video displayed on our websites and their picture in the paper, as well as knowing that they have the best Christmas lights in the Arbroath Herald/Guide & Gazette area.