Decline in abandoned dogs in town

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AN ARBROATH-based animal rescue charity say they have seen a decline in the number of dogs being left abandoned in the town.

Help for Abandoned Animals which run kennels at Kinaldie say that despite seeing an increase in the number of dogs dumped after the festive period in other Angus towns, people in Arbroath seem to be getting the message that dogs are a full time responsibility.

And vice-chairman of the charity Ian Robb said it was pleasing pet owners in the town were starting to understand that abandoning unwanted dogs is unacceptable.

This is compared to Forfar and Montrose where a total of six dogs have had to be taken in to be looked after in just the first three weeks of 2011.

He explained: “It seems the Arbroath public are starting to take notice of the fact that abandoning unwanted dogs is unacceptable and can carry a criminal charge.

“But there is always room for improvement and all over Angus it has been a sad start to the year with so many dogs, especially puppies being dumped.

“We usually see one or two dogs at the beginning of the year but we have never had to take on six and it is still just January.”

Help for Abandoned Animals relies on donations from the public to keep their kennels open.

But Mr Robb has been delighted with the support they have received from people in Arbroath recently and hopes their generosity will continue.

He added: “We do really well with contributions from people in Arbroath who leave tins of food for us at Morrisons and in Acorn Pets.

“So the general public really do help us.

“Luckily we have been able to re-home most of the dogs that have been abandoned since Christmas but we are still caring for nine month old cross lurcher Bella who is being house trained before she can be given to new owners.

“People need to realise some dogs and puppies are a lot of work and hopefully that message is getting through in Arbroath.”