Debate starts on changes to town traffic flow

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PROPOSALS to alter traffic arrangements in the Brothock Bridge area, and changes to the status of the car park at the back of the Webster Theatre, are not like to go ahead without a fair bit of controversy.

The suggestion of changing the status of the car park has caused adverse comment among residents in the area, who have to park their cars there rather than on the street, which can be congested.

For example, Mr Peter Whitton, Marketgate, says that despite having a garage for his car, he frequently finds that cars are parked in front of it, denying him access.

To compound his difficulty, he works at nights, and his car is normally parked during the day.

He has contacted police on occasions, but believes that the problem is one that cannot be solved by either a solid white line, or double yellow lines.

He told us: “People are just going to park there anyway.”

We asked Angus Council if there was a possibility of ‘resident parking’ stickers being introduced for people living nearby.

However, a spokeswoman for the council said: “The car park at the rear of the Webster Theatre is primarily intended for the use of visitors to Arbroath town centre. Consideration is being given to making this a short stay car park to allow for more frequent turnover of cars.

“We will be undertaking car parking surveys in Arbroath this summer to assess the way this and other car parks in the town centre are used and for what lengths of time before making any decisions, however.

“If there are cars obstructing access to driveways and garages, affected householders should contact Tayside Police.”

Mr Whitton is also dubious about two-way traffic on Brothock Bridge, and says that at busy times at present traffic from Commerce Street and Marketgate can be snarled up.

And Councillor Alex King is concerned that two-way traffic on Brothock Bridge would just create blockages elsewhere.

But Councillor David Fairweather said the two-way system would open up Arbroath town centre for visitors and residents.

He is quoted as saying that the one-way system is pretty old.

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