Death of Mr Andrew Baird

An Arbroath man whose father undertook the first all-Scottish heavier-than-air powered flight 103 years ago has died at the age of 93.

Andrew Blain Baird II passed away at Little Carnie Hospital on Saturday after a short illness. His funeral was held on Thursday.

Mr Baird was the guest of honour at an event in September 2010 marking the centenary of a short flight by his father, also Andrew Baird, in an aircraft of his own creation at Ettrick Bay, on the island of Bute.

Chris Markwell, the chairman of the Baird of Bute Society Trust, which organises an annual festival on Bute celebrating Baird’s achievement, said: “It was a great pleasure for me to know Andrew Baird II, the son of the Bute blacksmith after whom our society is named.

“Andrew Blain Baird II was the first Life Member of the Baird of Bute Society and will long be remembered by the Society - and very warmly by me.”