David marks 12 months in pictures

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FOR MOST people keeping a diary is the way to keep a track of all the things you have got up to over course of a year.

But for Arbroath man David Smith, his visual memories of the past 365 days have been shared with the online community.

Every day for the past year David, who works as a teacher has taken a single picture on his ‘phone to sum up what he had doing that day and then uploaded it to social media platform blipfoto.

The concept of Blipfoto is that users can upload photos to the site to share with its users from around the world.

And now not only does David have a complete record of his life throughout 2011, his photography skills have also improved.

He said: “I was intrigued enough to have a look at the site and it took little persuasion to sign up, and in no time I was compelled to have a daily blip.

“I loved the idea that not only was the blip daily, but it was limited to a single picture.”

“I wanted to force myself to think about photography and composition. I could have done this myself, but actually having Blipfoto track my pictures and leave a hole if I were to miss a day was great motivation.”

“I purposely used my ‘phone as my blipping camera - for most blips anyway - to remove the camera from the equation. I wanted to improve my ability to compose and see a picture before I snapped it.”

And now with his first year of ‘blipping’ having been so successful, David has now moved on to year two.

He added: “Blipfoto started as a motivational tool to encourage me to take a daily photo, to try to improve my photography skills.

“It quickly became a journey through the year, with images and texts which reflect my daily life. I hope it has now managed to do both.

“I am starting on year two, and I still have no gaps. Long may that continue.”

Anybody interested in looking at David’s blipfoto page can visit www.blipfoto.com/aforethought