David Buick is subject of Guildry lecture

The founder of America’s longest established car marque still in production will be the subject of the second annual lecture organised by the Arbroath Guildry.

It takes place in Hospitalfield House tonight (Friday).

David Dunbar Buick, who was originally a plumber before turning his inventive mind to the internal combustion engine, was born in Green Street, Arbroath, and, in 1903, founded the company which was to become the financial pillar on which General Motors was built.

Dean of Arbroath Guildry Ian Lamb said: “We are delighted to have Eric Buick, a well-known local public speaker and expert on David Buick, presenting this year’s lecture.

“David Buick is one of three men from Arbroath who made a significant impact on the development of America as a nation and whom we hope to commemorate with statues in the town.

“His story is a classic one of rags to riches to rags, despite the fact cars carrying his name are still sold widely across the world with the largest current market in China.”

The lecture, which starts at 7 p.m., is free with a limited number of places for members of the public.