Daring duo take the plunge

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A pair of Arbroath daredevils are looking for volunteers for their latest adventure to raise money for the proposed town skate park.

BMX enthusiasts Marc Burness (23) and Scott Moreland (18) are organising a bungee jump which they hope will raise thousands for the planned skate park at the West Links proposed by the Arbroath Skate Park Club.

The bungee jump will take place at the Highland Fling Centre, Killiecrankie, in August, and for those taking part the end of the month has been set as the deadline for the necessary £20 deposit.

Minimum sponsorship for the jump is £120, which covers the £25 jump fee for the centre while still raising a significant sum for the project.

He said: “That’s £95 per person that will be going into the park, I’m aiming for between 50 and 70 people taking part, so that’s a lot of cash for the park.

“I’ve bungee-jumped before for charity, at Tutties in the Park a few years ago and I’m dying to do it again. I’m a bit of an adrenalin junkie to be honest!”

Scott also enjoys a challenge having raised £418 at the recent charity boxing tournament in the Community Centre where he fought Roman Tamborsky to a draw.

He said: “That was the first time I’ve ever boxed and it was quite nerve-wracking in front of over 400 people.

“We were top of the bill and I knocked Roman down in the second round with a right hook to the head. I never even saw it because my eyes were closed!”

The pair are committed to raising funds for the skate park, a project they believe the town is in dire need of.

Marc said: “We need somewhere to focus our energies. People often think when we’re practising that we’re vandalising things. We hardly ever use pegs and our tyres are filled with air. We’re more likely to break ourselves than break anything else!”

Scott added: “I think this could bring a lot of people into the town. We tour all the skate parks and if it’s good enough we’ll attract people from everywhere.”

To sponsor Marc and Scott, or to take part, like the Arbroath Skatepark on Facebook and send them a message.