Damp nightmare for young mother

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A YOUNG Arbroath mother has come forward with another story of damp council housing in the town.

Michelle Brown (23), was forced to send her 16 month old daughter Makia Lianne to live with her mother after damp and mould in her Priory Crescent home made her sick.

She said: “I bought a new bed about four months ago, but now the mould has moved and is crawling all over the mattress.”

Michelle said that damp had been a problem at the council-owned home for over a year, but repeated calls to Angus Council had yielded little.

She said: “Angus Council said they were going to carry out a damp survey, and it came to the conclusion that it was just condensation.

“I got my doctor to write them a letter saying it wasn’t healthy for my daughter to live in these conditions. My baby is staying at my mother’s for the time being.”

Since originally speaking to the newspaper, Makia Lianne recovered and returned to Priory Crescent only to become sick again, and is now on antibiotics.

Michelle said: “My doctor couldn’t say yes or no that it was because of the mould, but he thought that it could be something to do with it.”

Michelle said she was not the only tenant afflicted with damp, and had some of her neighbours and friends call us.

One of them is Claire Griffiths, who also lives in Priory Crescent, along with her husband and four children.

She explained: “It first started six years ago, but we were fobbed off with the excuse that it was just condensation. I know the difference between condensation and damp.

“We’ve been waiting six months for inspectors to visit. It got so bad my husband had to scrape mould off the walls.

“Our four-month-old baby has been taken into hospital with bronchitis. You can smell the mould when you come into the house. It’s growing in the front bedroom under the mattresses where my three sons sleep.

“Our three youngest have been in and out of hospital with chest complaints.”

According to Michelle, Angus Council received her doctor’s letter, and last week she was advised by them to apply for priority housing.

She said: “Whether we get a new house or not, I don’t know.”

A spokesperson for Angus Council said: “We don’t discuss matters relating to individual tenants but can confirm that the houses in the Priory Crescent area of Arbroath, like the majority of our housing stock in the town, benefit from double glazing and  central heating, and are insulated to a very high standard.

“Inspections following approaches by tenants have not uncovered any structural problems with the housing stock in this area.

“We are working with tenants to offer advice about the appropriate heating and ventilation of their homes to avoid damp and mould becoming a problem. Any tenants who wish advice should contact their housing officer who can also arrange for an advice leaflet to be delivered.”