Dad launches child-friendly networking site

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AN ARBROATH dad was so worried about the dangers facing children online, he set up his own social networking site for youngsters.

Enterprising Jamie Tosh started, which went live on Wednesday and is a safe, fun-filled site for younger children aged six to 13.

Jamie says his motivation was to create a site which was a safe haven for thousands of kids and which would give their parents’ peace of mind after he was pestered by his own daughters who were desperate to go online.

“We were constantly being pestered by our 10-year-old twins who wanted to go online and chat to their friends but not a site they thought was babyish,” said Jamie.

“However when we did online research into a number of sites, I found there weren’t any that provided a safe and secure environment for kids to talk to their peers and for us to be sure of who they are actually in contact with at all times.”

“So we came up with a new solution which gives parents full control.”

On other social networking sites people can set up a profile and provide false information without any problem and as they don’t need to provide identification, traceability is more difficult.

However on children can’t open their own web page without their parent creating a page first.

Once the page has been set up, children have full access to it and can link up with their friends through schools and hobbies. Kibooku also requires adult subscribers to provide personal details that can be traced to an address.

“We think that people who enter sites under false pretences will not divulge this information freely,” said Jamie.

The website offers membership at less than £2 per month and 50 p of the subscription is being donated to the UK wide charity Cash for Kids.