Woman claims poor response in cat trap incident

AN ARBROATH woman whose cat was trapped for 33 hours has criticised police for not helping her retrieve her pet.

Last weekend, Lesley Edwards claims her Siamese cat was locked in a house on purpose and was unable to escape.

And even though she contacted police for assistance as her cat had been taken, they were unwilling to help.

She said: “In these situations who is responsible for helping me get my cat back?

“It was stuck in there for 33 hours and by the end of it he could hardly yelp. It was just a little pitiful noise because he was in distress.

“Luckily, he is fine now but as soon as he came back he was rubbing up against us and the furniture and he looked as though he was just glad to be back home.”

As well as contacting the police, Lesley also called the SSPCA in the hope they would be able to help.

But as they are unable to enter property without permission, their hands were tied.

She added: “Neither the police or SSPCA would help and there was no urgency about the situation.

“I rang them both twice, even after it had been 33 hours but both said it was the other’s responsibility.”

A spokesperson for Tayside Police said: “Tayside Police received a report regarding an animal welfare concern at an address in Newton Avenue on Saturday 30th June.

“Officers made enquiries regarding the circumstances and gave advice and assistance to the person who had reported the incident.

“No further police action could be taken, due to the circumstances of the incident and the person reporting was informed of this.

“If a further explanation is required then contact should be made with Tayside Police on 0300 111 2222.”