Thieves need to think first

A THEFT from Arbroath foreshore could have had serious consequences according to a cliff safety campaigner.

Safety lines, which are used as a lifeline to pull in someone in difficulties in the water, were stolen from the West Links on Friday.

The 30-metre lines are part of Angus Council’s safety efforts along the Arbroath shoreline. Kevin Barthorpe lost his daughter, Nicole, in a clifftop accident nine years ago, and has been campaigning for stricter safety protocols.

He said: “I believe it has happened before in Arbroath but it’s been some time. It happens up and down the country.

“I’ve been trying to get Angus Council to take safety seriously down the front, not just at West Links but also at Victoria Park.

“I think they should put lifebelts along the cliffs and Victoria Park, the only saving thing along the cliffs is a sign. You can’t throw a sign in with a number, you need something to save them with.”

The two safety lines were removed from their boxes at the West Links on Friday, but have since been returned.

Kevin added: “The safety lines went missing and I believe Angus Council has replaced them at the front. It’s not lifebelts down the front, it’s just lines.

“I’m glad they were replaced. Whether someone did it for a game or whatever, I think it’s disgraceful, it puts lives at risk.

“They should take a good long thought, it could be one of their family that needs the equipment in the future. It’s a poignant message.

“If people just gave a thought to others when doing the silly things they do. One line can save a life, if that line’s not there it can’t save anyone, can it?”

A spokesperson for Angus Council said: “Two safety lines went missing and they were recovered and put back in place.”