The music gave it away!

A PAIR of ham-fisted break in merchants were the architects of their own arrest early on Saturday morning.

They had gained entry to Gayfield Park, home of Arbroath FC, and decided to access the announcer’s room off the tunnel which leads to the pitch. They found the loudspeaker system and a collection of music so chose their favourites to play and sing along to.

Unfortunately for them, they played the music at top volume which alerted nearby residents to what was going on.

One told the Herald: “I was woken up on Saturday morning just before 4 a.m. to the sound of very loud music and singing. I thought my daughter had put a CD on in her bedroom at first, then I realised the singing wasn’t good enough and was a little too drunk sounding for that!

“I opened a window and realised it was coming through the tannoy system at Gayfield!”

The lady called the police who were there in seconds.

She went on: “They climbed over the gates and caught one man running through the grounds and another on the beach who had jumped the wall. They eventually turned the music off about 4.15.

“It was one of the strangest wake up calls I’ve had!”

Mike Cargill, office administrator at the club, commented: “They kicked open the door in the tunnel where the announcer speaks from and started playing records and singing over the tannoy system which alerted everyone round about.”

He confirmed that nothing had been stolen and no damage had been done.

Tayside Police said that two males, a 19-year-old and a 20-year-old, had been charged in connection with the incident.