Shop to quit legal highs sales

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Campaigners against Legal Highs in Arbroath are calling on a business for stronger assurances over the sale of the substances.

Derek Wann, from the Angus Against Legal Highs group, has urged Liston Craig Pacitti, the owner of Evape-o-Lution on Brothock Bridge, to ensure that New Psychoactive Substances (NPS) will no longer be stocked and that he extend this to his Montrose store.

Mr Wann, who is also the Conservative Parliamentary candidate for Angus said: “We have recently heard Evape-o-Lution is to re-open and sell E-Cigarettes but will ‘unlikely’, according to the owner, be selling NPS, we would rather he gave a total assurance that he will not sell legal highs from any of his premises.

“As stated early in the campaign our aim was not to close shops but to prevent them selling these horrible products and we really hope this campaign at least in Arbroath has achieved this.”

He continued: “The Montrose shop is still selling these products and I would urge the owner to reconsider his position and stop selling the ‘Legal Highs’ now.

“Our campaign will not end until legislation is in place to rid our streets of these dangerous substances and our pressure on the authorities will continue.”

The sale of NPS has generated a lot of controversy with groups such as Arbroath Against Legal High Drugs formed.

On Tuesday the news was welcomed on the group’s Facebook page although cautiously given that the shop has previously closed and reopened.

Carey Allan wrote: “Looks as if the fight really may be won, however seeing is believing!”