Second dog attack in less than a week

Pictured at their home on Tuesday are Jim and Jackie Stewart with Tilly and Ian Robb from the Abandoned Animals Centre.
Pictured at their home on Tuesday are Jim and Jackie Stewart with Tilly and Ian Robb from the Abandoned Animals Centre.

ARBROATH was subjected to its second fatal incident involving a dog in less than a week.

Just five days after a similar attack took place in Lamley Terrace, Jim and Jackie Stewart were powerless to prevent the mauling of their treasured Chihuahua Holly (13) in their own back garden in Sidlaw Avenue on Thursday at around 1.30 p.m.

During the attack, which was allegedly carried out by a Staffordshire Bull Terrier owned by a neighbour, Jackie suffered puncture wounds to two fingers while attempting to rescue Holly.

Earlier this week, still shaken by the experience, Jackie described to the Arbroath Herald how the dog had appeared out of nowhere and seized upon their beloved Holly.

She said: “I’ll tell you exactly what happened. I was just back with Jim from hospital, I said to him I’m going away out with the dogs because they’ve been in the car to Ninewells.

“I got their leads, put them on and I just opened the gate and this huge dog just came from behind the shed and grabbed hold of Holly and was tossing her about.

“I was trying to get it away, felt my hand was sore and never thought anything about it. There was just blood everywhere.”

Holly was, according to her owners, essentially disembowelled and left with a broken femur and pelvis which left the attending vet no choice but to later that day put her down.

According to Jackie that particular staffie had been a problem before. She explained: “We never used to get home from Ninewells until 10 p.m. and my sister, Helen, and brother-in-law always used to walk with me with the dogs and that same one came bounding down.

“The big brown one had its paws on Helen’s back.”

Ian Robb, from Help for Abandoned Animals, has been at the forefront of the campaign to curb the increase of dog attacks. Last year following the death of another Chihuahua in Arbroath Mr Robb attracted the support of local councillors.

He said: “Two Angus councillors came out and said they would put a stop to this and what have they done? Nothing. We try to do our best and what happens, nothing.”

After breaking the story on our website at on Tuesday, we received the following comment from a reader via Facebook.

Janey McEwan Mentiply Smith said: “I don’t believe this! Another animal killed! It’s becoming unsafe for our children and our pets.

“I am a real animal lover and don’t believe it’s the dog’s fault. However we do need to clamp down really hard on all owners who persist in allowing their dogs to run free!

“Perhaps it’s time we had certain breeds registered and go back to our old license system. It may prevent becoming over run by certain breeds and get us back to a time where Arbroath folk can feel safe in the knowledge that even their own back gardens are safe from predators.”

Last week we reported that an elderly family cat in Lamley Terrace had been killed by a staffie which was not on it’s leash.

According to Tayside Police inquiries were still ongoing into the Lamley Terrace incident but at the time of going to press they were unable to comment on the Sidlaw Avenue incident. Anyone with information on either case should contact the police on 0300 111 2222.