Police warn against purse snatchers in Angus

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Police in Angus are urging shoppers to be alert following a spate of purse thefts at supermarkets and shops in Forfar over the last two weeks.

Sergeant Kevin Mollison said: “Please be particularly aware of anyone who ‘bumps’ into you or any stranger who engages in conversation with you when shopping.

“Keep your personal property close and secure and be careful to ensure that no-one has the opportunity to ‘dip’ into your pockets or bags.

“If such an incident occurs check your pockets, bags or handbags immediately to check for any stolen items and report the incident to police immediately.

“In the four recent incidents at Asda, Tesco, Nickel and Dime and a local charity shop, two women were responsible for the thefts, often one of the women will distract their victim, whilst the other will steal property.

“Please share this with family and friends and report any incidents or information to police on 101 or 999.”