Police to tackle child car seat issues

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Police in Arbroath will be out and about next week to advise drivers on the importance of car seats for children.

The child car seat initiative will run from Monday (June 3) until Friday (June 7) at a number of Arbroath primary schools where they will provide advice and also check Existing car seats are correctly fitted.

Even in a slow speed collision a child can be seriously injured therefore it is imperative to ensure car seats are fitted properly.

Constable Rod Hamilton said: “No matter how long or short the journey, or how good a driver you think you may be - you cannot predict when an accident might happen, because you cannot be responsible for the behaviour of every other person using the road.

“But you can take all reasonable steps to ensure you and others in your vehicle are as safe as possible.

“Children are not responsible for their own safety in a vehicle. Parents and carers must ensure that youngsters are properly restrained and travelling safely, no matter the distance of the journey.”

After the initiative is complete an enforcement day will commence, this will involve the issuing of Non-Endorsable Conditional Offences of £60.

Since September 2006 it has been compulsory for all children under 12 and less than 135cm tall to use child restraints, which encompasses baby carriers, child seat, harness or booster seat.

It is vital to fit the appropriate seat for your child. They are rated as follows:

•Group 0 and Group 0+ are baby seats, rear-facing and for children up to 10kg and up to 13kg respectively and aged approximately from birth to 9 - 12 months.

•Group I Forward or rearward facing child seats for children weighing 9kg to 18kg and aged approximately 9 months to 4 years.

•Group II Booster (seats) designed for children from 15kg to 25kg and up to 36kg and aged approximately 4 to 6 and over. These may or may not have backs.

•Group III Booster (cushions) for children from 22kg and up to 36kg, and aged from approximately 6. These generally do not have backs. Sometimes they start at 15kg.