Police probe Arbroath bogus caller

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Householders are being warned to be on their guard after a bogus caller targeted an elderly man in Arbroath.

The incident happened at an address in Brechin Road yesterday (Monday) when a man called at the 85-year-old’s house and posed as a plumber.

The man offered no identification but gained entry to the house and once inside asked the householder to run the taps. 

He left a short time later, stealing a two figure sum of money.

The suspect is described as, aged in his late 20s, about six feet two inches tall, wearing a tammy hat, possibly a grey top and grey bottoms. He spoke with a local accent.

Additionally police have also received other reports of men looking for work in the Brechin Road and Demondale Road areas.

And now police are asking for householders to take care.

A Tayside Division spokesperson said: “Officers would ask all residents to be suspicious of anyone arriving unannounced at their door. Householders should ensure that doors are secure, even when at home and use a door chain.

“They should not let anyone in until they are certain of who they are, or who they claim to represent.

“With regard to anyone claiming to represent a business, authority or agency, householders should demand to see their identification. Bona fide tradespeople, or company representatives will not be offended and will be happy to provide genuine identification.

“Even then if suspicions remain, residents should close the door and check with the company the caller claims to represent. Don’t take the number from the person on the doorstep, but instead check the phone directory or Yellow Pages.

“Beyond that, if a householder remains suspicious they should not let the person in and should contact the police.”

Police Scotland add that people should particularly look out for elderly or vulnerable neighbours and that vehicle registration numbers and descriptions of the individuals involved are invaluable.

Anyone who has information regarding this bogus caller incident or others should contact Tayside Division on 101.

People can also call the charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.