Police launch speeders campaign

TAYSIDE Police, along with all other police forces in Scotland, will launch a 24-hour campaign aimed at speeding and inappropriate drivers at 7 a.m. tomorrow (Wednesday, February 13).

The campaign aims to further remind and educate drivers of the dangers associated with inappropriate driving and speed, and the impact this type of behaviour has on road safety. Inappropriate driving includes drink/drug driving, careless or dangerous driving, failing to wear a seatbelt, using a mobile ‘phone or hand held device whilst driving and driving without insurance or a driving licence.

While the vast majority of motorists use the roads safely, officers hope to highlight these matters - primarily to educate drivers, so that they will postively alter their behaviour and attitudes. Where necessary, however, road traffic legislation will be enforced in respect of offenders.

Chief Inspector Sandy Bowman, head of the Tayside Police Road Policing Unit, said: “The consequences of inappropriate driving or driving at an inappropriate speed can be devastating to road users.

“Many responsible drivers have to suffer the behaviour and frustration caused by the selfish and inconsiderate driving of others, and that is unacceptable. Safe driving requires full attention to the task, especially when taking into account changing road conditions which we all have to deal with. Safety must at all times be at the forefront when driving on the roads.

“We would encourage all road users to be fully aware of and comply with the speed limits on the roads and of course drive appropriately for the road. We urge motorists to slow down and be prepared for weather and traffic conditions.

“If you are driving in an inappropriate manner or in excess of the speed limit and you are involved in a collision, at best you will get a fine and points on your licence, at worst you risk death or serious injury to yourself or other innocent parties. The message is clear - Don’t risk it.”

GHe continued: “Remember that a moment of distraction or inattention could result in a collision or an incident occurring which might have been avoidable had full concentration been applied to the road. Use of a mobile ‘phone will distract you and even a ‘phone ringing whilst you are driving can be enough to take your attention away from the road. Don’t let this happen to you and give you cause to regret it afterwards.

“Seat belts can and do save lives and serious injury, but only if they are used and fitted correctly. Please ensure everyone in the vehicle has fastened their seatbelt.

“A range of penalties can be applied for these offences depending upon the circumstances. This could involve imprisonment for dangerous driving or being issued with a Conditional Offer of Fixed Penalty (COFPN).

“For example at the present time speeding and other offences could incur a COFPN for £60 and an endorsment of three points on the driving licence. In addition the holders of vocational licences including Large Goods vehicles (LGVs) and Passenger Carrying Vehicles (PCVs) may also be reported to the Traffic Commissioner who can impose additional sanctions which can include restriction on driving these vehicles with obvious consequences for employment and livelihood.”

Tayside Safety Camera Partnership (TSCP) will be supporting this campaign and deploying mobile safety cameras to locations across the region that have a history of collisions and speeding.