Police crackdown on violence

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POLICE Scotland officers in the local area will be maximising their presence today (Friday) as they turn their attention to tackling violence and anti-social behaviour.

Community officers will be joined by colleagues who normally fulfil other duties away from the front-line operational roles – including those who normally undertake strategic and specialist roles, as well as senior officers.

Assistant chief constable Derek Penman, who is in charge of local policing north, will be in Tayside to see how police officers in Angus are keeping our communities safe.

With the aim to put as high a number of officers out as possible both on patrol and on targeted enforcements in a Campaign Against Violence, Superintendent Jim Leslie, who has overall responsibility in Tayside for the CAV programme said resources would be despatched to where they were most needed.

Issues and offences including domestic violence, alcohol related crime, violence and anti-social behaviour, underage drinking, both in urban and rural areas will be addressed.

He said: “The Campaign Against Violence days will run throughout the year and will see a significant increase in the deployment of officers with the purpose of reducing violent crime and anti-social behaviour during times when we tend to see an increase in those types of offences.

“We have made a concerted effort in Tayside Division to try and maximise the numbers of police officers that we have available for that front line engagement.

“The nature of our business will always dictate that some officers will not be as operationally visible as our colleagues in the community. But the Campaign Against Violence days will see the managers, specialists and the too-often-deskbound officers teaming up with our local community officers to keep people safe.

“This campaign is driven by local officers in response to local crime trends. It is being supported by partners such as the Community Wardens, Countryside Rangers and the Tayside Council on Alcohol and is underpinned by local policing plans.

“The Campaign Against Violence will also be complemented by our local community investigation units and anti-violence response teams.

“We hope that the public will notice the increased police visibility in the community and we encourage them to speak with our officers and share any concerns that they have about where they live. If you have any suspicions or want to report any incidents call Police Scotland on 101. If you see a crime in progress - call 999.”