Over 1,600 drink drivers detected

Alcohol Ban
Alcohol Ban

A police campaign targeting drink drivers since April 1 has detected over 1,600 people who were unfit to get behind the wheel.

Recently, Police Scotland have also carried out a four week summer safety drink drive initiative, which has seen almost 17,000 people breathalysed over the past month.

And last week, the final week of the campaign a total of 84 people were found to have been drink driving.

During the four weeks of the initiative there were a total of 372 drink drivers and 32 drivers who were impaired due to alcohol or drugs that were detected by officers.

Those who were dealt with by police officers and reported to the courts now face a range of fines and a minimum 12 month period of disqualification.

Some will also have to deal with having their vehicle forfeited.

Inspector Ian Martin, head of the trunk road patrol group said: “With over 1,600 driver detected for drinking and driving since April 1, it is clear that some people are not prepared to heed our advice.

“I am sure that many of them now regret their actions.

“Our communities recognise the dangers these drivers present to us and every other road user.

“If you are in the minority that still thinks it is acceptable to drive a car after you have been drinking and if you are not concerned about the welfare of other road users, then ask anyone of these 1,600 people if a drink was worth their licence.

“Once again, we extend our thanks to those responsible members of our communities for their excellent support of our efforts.”