Mystery painter covers sea wall grafitti

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Grafitti that was daubed on the sea wall below Victoria Park has disappeared after mysteriously being covered over with paint.

Last week, a lady living nearby, who did not want to be named, told the Arbroath Herald about the large, multi-coloured spray paintings on the wall.

She said many of them had been there for months, some since early in the summer, and she believed they weren’t giving visitors to the area the right impression.

She explained: “I have reported it to the council in June, July and August because some of it is particularly unpleasant looking.

“I have had visitors come to stay with me in that time who have wanted to go down on to the beach but I have taken them the other way so they don’t have to see it.

“It doesn’t give a good impression of the town, especially to visitors.”

The lady also took a picture of the grafitti at the end of last week to show the affected areas.

And on Tuesday, the Herald photographer went down to the sea wall to see if there was more grafitti.

However, by then all the paintings had been covered over with thick grey paint.

But when Angus Council were asked when the work to cover up the grafitti was carried out, they said they had no record of any clean-up work being undertaken.

However, a spokeswoman did add that if anybody has any concerns about grafitti they should contact the Angus Council ACCESSLine to inform them on 08452 777 778.