Man faces life sentence for brutal attack

An advocate's wig.
An advocate's wig.

A thug who launched a brutal attack on his girlfriend because she poured his whisky down the sink - leaving her choking “to the danger of her life” on her own blood as he strangled her - was today (Friday) told he faces a lifelong sentence.

Conor Munro - described in court as “increasingly violent” and who has amassed a lengthy record of convictions for violent crimes - flipped at girlfriend Nicole Jarrett when she tried to dispose of his booze.

Munro was staying in supported accommodation at the time and carried out part of the violent attack in front of staff there.

However, they refused to get involved and hid in an office watching through a window as Munro battered Miss Jarrett as she struggled to breathe due to her injuries.

A sheriff today told Munro his maximum five-year sentencing powers were insufficient and that social workers assessing his risk had deemed an order for lifelong restriction may be the only option.

Munro will now appear at the High Court where a lifelong sentence can be imposed.

Fiscal depute Vicki Bell told Dundee Sheriff Court that Miss Jarrett had run from Munro’s bedroom screaming for help before he chased her down and wrapped his arm round her neck.

She said: “They had been watching TV in his room but an argument started when he received a text message from another female.

“She tried to leave and picked up his glass of whisky and poured it down the sink.

“He grabbed her by the face and pushed her down.

“She got up and took the opportunity to pour the rest of the bottle down the sink.

“He then pushed her again and, having done so, punched her.

“She began to shout for help.

“He punched her stomach four to five times before punching her nose, immediately causing it to bleed.

“She has no clear recollection of what happened next.

“He was on top of he,r grabbing and pulling her face, and blood was collecting in her throat making it difficult to breathe.

“He put his hand over her mouth and she was continually struggling to braethe.

“She managed to get up and ran to the stairs.

“The accused pleaded with her not to leave and she was shouting for help.

“Staff heard her and looked out the office window and saw her covered in blood.

“They saw him wrap his arm round her neck - she was hysterical and crying for help.

“Staff shouted that help was coming and phoned 999 but made the decision not to open the office foor and confront the accused for their own safety.

“Police arrived and she was found covered in blood and had suffered numerous injuries.”

When he was taken to Arbroath police office Munro went on to spit on an officer trying to process him at the charge bar.

Munro, 24, a prisoner at HMP Perth, pleaded guilty on indictment to charges of assault to the danger of life, police assault and behaving in a threatening and abusive manner.

The offences were committed on September 21.

Defence solicitor Lynne Sturrock said: “Lifelong restriction has been identified as a possibility.

“I have discussed that at length with him and he understands the reasons for that.”

Sheriff Alastair Brown ordered that the case be remitted to the High Court for sentencing.