Lib-Dems worried about job losses in merged Police force

THE NEWLY-appointed Chief Constable of the single national police force, Stephen House, has warned that up to 3,000 support jobs might be lost as a result of the merger.

It is too early to expect a geographic break-down of the losses, but it seems inevitable that Angus will not be missed in the jobs cull.

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie MSP said: “The SNP promised that police centralisation would protect, not cut, jobs. Liberal Democrats warned of the dangers of creating a national police force. Sadly those warnings seem to be turning into reality.

“Civilian staff play an absolutely vital role in the police service.

“The work they do – as intelligence analysts, custody officers and community wardens – allow our police officers to spend the maximum time possible out on the beat.

“They are key to the community-based, preventative policing model that we are currently blessed with in Scotland.

Angus councillor David May added: “I have been very critical of the centralisation of policing since the idea was first suggested by the SNP, and it is clear that we in Angus and Tayside will be affected by this decision.

“It is important that we know how many support jobs in our police service in Angus and Tayside will be lost as it is clear from the newly appointed single police Chief Constable that this will happen.

“These civilian staff play a very important role in our area as their work will now have to be done by the front line police staff which means less police on our streets.

“This is the result of the SNP government’s decision to centralise the police force.”