Hallowe’en rampage

A local councillor has joined with residents of the Kirkton area of Arbroath to slam the actions of a group of youths on Hallowe’en.

One householder contacted the newspaper enraged at events that took place on Thursday evening that were considered “way beyond a Hallowe’en prank”.

Our correspondent, who wishes to remain anonymous, explained in a letter to the Herald: “For those unaware of what happened, a gang of youths, numbering over 40 in total at one point, took it upon themselves to go rampaging through the streets throwing eggs at windows, breaking the recently planted trees at Millfield Road, destroying Hallowe’en displays in various gardens and even emptying the bags of excrement from the dog bins.”

Councillor David Fairweather echoed our correspondent’s feelings. He said: “It defies belief that on what should be a fun time for all these irresponsible youths decided to spoil what should be a fun night.

“Those actions are truly despicable and shameful.

“Parents should be asking where their children were on that night and holding them to account for the damage and fear they left Kirkton residents to endure.”

Police Tayside Division confirmed: “We received two reports of egg throwing in areas of Arbroath on Thursday, October 31. The areas involved were given appropriate attention by officers.

“Whilst we do not condone this type of behaviour it is a yearly occurrence and officers engaged with youths to deter this type of anti-social behaviour. We are not aware of any reports of damage to property in Arbroath and anyone who suffered damage to their property should contact Tayside Division on 101.”