Grave robbers at large in Arbroath

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AN ARBROATH widow has spoken out against the ‘scum’ stealing from local cemeteries.

Mrs Mary Rea (74) contacted the Arbroath Herald this week to decry the theft of flower holders from gravesides in Arbroath’s Eastern and Western cemeteries.

Mrs Rea’s late husband, Jack, is buried in the Western Cemetery and she regularly places flowers in a container at his graveside.

Or did until recently when the flower holders started to disappear. Mrs Rae said: “It’s been going on for the past two or three months. A friend of mine got hers stolen twice at Eastern Cemetery.

“A whole row of eight was stolen, including the four who died on the Westhaven boat and her husband’s.

“When I went up to the Western Cemetery last week mine had been stolen as well, that’s twice it’s been taken.

“The last time I was up there I noticed there were a lot of containers missing from gravesides. Whether it’s been reported or not I don’t know, but there have been quite a few stolen.

“Are the scum of the earth so hard up that they have started to steal from the dead?”

Mrs Rae is struggling to understand what would drive someone to steal from a grave. She said: “They are put on the gravestones so we can give our loved ones some nice flowers, but now we have nowhere to put our flowers.

“I don’t know if they’re stealing them for scrap or what, but I do know there is someone in the town going about stealing scrap.”

Mrs Rae claims people acting suspiciously have been seen near the cemetery. She continued: “These holders are not cheap to buy and we can’t afford to keep replacing them. So you slimy sleazebags, whoever you are, I hope you rot in hell and I hope you are proud of yourselves.”

A spokesperson for Angus Council said: “Angus Council staff working at the cemeteries were aware of flowers going missing recently and police have been notified.”

A spokesperson for Police Scotland Tayside Division wished to remind the public that if they have any concerns they should report it, either to any officer or by calling the new non-emergency number 101.