Gail is top police officer of the year

ARBROATH Police Constable Gail Hill received the award of Eastern Division Police Officer of the Year at the annual Tayside Police Eastern Division excellence awards ceremony which took place in the Divisional Headquarters in Forfar yesterday evening.

It is in recognition of the tremendous contribution she has made to the community of Arbroath. Her commitment to all aspects of local life in the town, from tackling anti-social behaviour to child protection, working with schools and diversionary activities for young people, have had a significant impact on the prevention and detection of crime in the area.

Constable Hill’s good work has led to her being highly regarded by the community she serves and by partner agencies and she is seen as a positive role model for young people in Arbroath.

Awards were presented by Superintendent Kevin Lynch and Councillor Ian Mackintosh.

Other Eastern Division award winners were:

Special Constable of the Year - Special Constable Richard Martin, Montrose. He received the award in recognition of the continued outstanding contribution he has made to Angus and, in particular, the communities of Montrose Section. His involvement in crime prevention through a number of initiatives, his continuing commitment to high visibility policing and engaging with communities help make Angus a safe place to work, live and visit.

Crime investigation - The Chan Wright Enquiry Team, Forfar, won the award in recognition of a high quality investigation and the commitment of the officers involved which led to the conviction of Chan Wright for several serious violent and sexual offences. This was a difficult, protracted and demanding enquiry which, through the tenacity and professionalism of the enquiry team, brought this dangerous individual to justice.

Police staff member of the year - Wanda Gove, based at Forfar, is recognised for the excellent work she has undertaken to improve the road safety of all members of the community. Wanda is a tremendous proponent of road safety and, through a number of ongoing successful initiatives such as Safe Drive, Stay Alive and the Junior Road Safety Officers, she has made an important contribution to our communities.

Leadership - Craig Mitchell, Forfar, received the award in recognition of the leadership and support he has provided, both to the staff he manages and to staff in other areas. He has improved the quality of service provided throughout Angus and constantly strives to find efficiency savings to enable the Division to improve its performance.

Outstanding Team - Divisional Administration Team, based at Forfar. In recognition of the hard work, flexibility and dedication of the team members who, despite losing a number of colleagues through voluntary redundancy/early retirement, have continued to provide a high standard of service and support to operational policing whilst striving to find more efficient methods to improve the service still further.

Partnership - Detective Sergeant Fraser Mitchell, Forfar. In recognition of his ongoing commitment to child protection and partnership working in Angus. DS Mitchell is highly respected by all key partner agencies and is seen as an expert in child protection. He dedicates himself to ensuring everyone works together for the best interests of the vulnerable members of our community.