Formal warning for bus operator

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A bus firm which operates in Arbroath, Friockheim and Brechin has been given a warning by Scotland’s Traffic Commissioner, Joan Aitken.

Teejay Travel Ltd., Elliot Business Park, was called before the regulator on June 21 after an investigation into its vehicle maintenance standards.

An examiner from the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) told Miss Aitken that routine safety inspections, which should have taken place every six weeks, had not been completed on time.

He also reported issues with some of the company’s paperwork and said the MOT pass rate was poor.

The Traffic Commissioner additionally heard that a warning letter had been issued to the firm in 2009, following an earlier unsatisfactory investigation.

During the inquiry, one of the company’s directors, Thomas Jordan, admitted that he had not been on top of things and had delegated many of the maintenance responsibilities to his mechanic. He had taken the advice of the VOSA officer, including changing his routine safety inspections so they are carried out more frequently.

Miss Aitken also noted that the company had commissioned an audit of its procedures and their mechanic had been sent on a VOSA inspection training course.

Issuing a warning against the operator’s licence held by Teejay Travel Ltd., the Traffic Commissioner said: “Fortunately, there is no prohibition history of any seriousness. Had there been I would have to restrict the authorisation of the licence.

“I am prepared to believe that Mr Jordan is serious about his responsibilities and that for a short time he took his eye off the ball, to use his words. This public inquiry can serve as a salutary experience and appears to have had the necessary effect of concentrating minds.”