Family pet mauled in savage dog attack

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A QUIET Arbroath street was the scene of a vicious attack at the weekend that left one beloved family pet dead.

On Sunday evening in Lamley Terrace, Snookums an elderly black and white cat, was sunning herself in her owners’ driveway when a Staffordshire Bull Terrier attacked and killed her.

Her owner, who did not want to be identified, said: “There was no fight left in her. She could barely walk. She walked back and forward all day following the sun, and had done for years.”

The attack was witnessed by family members and neighbours. She said: “One of the kids saw the tail end of it. It was quite traumatic for both of us. The kids across the road saw it and they’ve known the cats all their lives.”

Although the staffie was apparently off the leash at the time of the attack it was accompanied by its owner who was approached by Snookum’s owner. She explained: “The staffie’s owner apologised and claimed it had slipped its lead. I asked her for a name and address but later found she had given me a false one. I have since found the real one and passed it on to the police.”

A spokesperson for Tayside Police said: “We are currently aware of an incident at Lamley Terrace at about 6 p.m. on Sunday.”

Ian Robb of Help for Abandoned Animals said: “This is the horrible situation that we have. There are so many bad dogs going about in society. It’s not the dog’s fault, because people who get the puppies don’t socialise them properly.

“They keep them in their house and don’t take them to classes. They go about not knowing what another dog or cat is and they think it’s something they can attack.”

Mr Robb believes there is an underlying social problem which is directly responsible for poorly raised dogs. He explained: “People do ‘phone me to say they’ve heard of a litter being bred. There have been six litters in Arbroath this year. 44 puppies came out of the six litters. Members of the public breed them to raise funds to pay for their drug habits. It’s still happening.

“There is something going to be happening very shortly regarding the situation with Staffordshire Bull Terriers. The councillors will be taking part in a campaign hitting back at irresponsible owners.”