Drivers caught police crackdown

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TAYSIDE Police have revealed that three large goods vehicle drivers may face a suspension from their vocational licence after being caught using their mobile phones while on the road.

Yesterday (Wednesday), the force held a mobile phone day of action to crackdown on drivers making calls and text messages.

They also revealed that 19 car drivers also ignored police advice to ignore their phones while driving that they were issued with a conditional offer of fixed penalty with a £60 fine and three penalty points on their licence.

Chief Inspector Sandy Bowman, head of road policing said: “The 22 drivers who were caught using their mobile phones yesterday suggests that an unacceptable proportion of drivers are still prepared to risk the safety of others as well as themselves.

“The consequences of a split second lapse in concentration can be devastating, but unfortunately this is what happens when a driver uses a phone whilst driving.

“The advice is clear, switch off before you drive off. No call can be that urgent that’s its worth risking death or serious injury.”

During yesterday’s campaign, Tayside Police also continued to target offences in relation to the wearing of seat belts and speeding.

And another 16 people were issued with conditional offers of fixed penalty in relation to seat belt offences and 90 drivers were detected for speeding.

Chief Inspector Bowman continued: “During the campaign yesterday a 35-year old man was stopped for driving at 89 mph in a 40 mph limit, at the time he had his two-year old child in the car.

“The driver was also found to be driving under the influence of alcohol and provided a reading that was more than twice the legal limit. 

“This kind of behaviour beggars belief and I’m sure the court will deal with him appropriately.”

Although this particular campaign has passed, Tayside Police say they will continue to be proactive daily in respect of road safety providing education and enforcement where appropriate.

Any road traffic legislation which is designed to improve road safety is there for the benefit of all road users and mobile phone legislation is no exception.

Tayside Police are very keen to make use of such legislation to do just that.