Don’t risk it this New Year

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TAYSIDE Police arrested a number of motorists during the Christmas period for drink and drug driving offences.

According to the force, between December 17 and Christmas Eve eight arrests were made during the third week of the Festive Drinks / Drugs campaign.

The arrests comprised seven cases of driving under the influence of alcohol and one of driving whilst impaired by drugs.

Those arrested were aged between 26 and 60, seven motorists were male and the eight female, and of those, three had been involved in a road traffic accident.

Again, information from concerned members of the public proved instrumental with four of the arrests made as a direct result of calls to the police.

During the festive week a total of 102 motorists were detected speeding, 45 reported for using a mobile ‘phone, and 44 drivers and five passengers reported for not wearing a seatbelt, including three children improperly restrained.

Chief Inspector Sandy Bowman, head of road policing is keen to remind motorists of their responsibilities.

He said: “There are still far too many drivers that are not taking heed of our safety messages and placing themselves and other road users in needless danger.

“Fortunately the drink drivers we have traced did not cause serious injuries to innocent parties.

“As we approach the New Year festivities, many people will be socialising at home or with friends. Whilst our message remains very clearly not to drink and drive, and the vast majority heed that message, there will be some drivers who will be tempted to perhaps have one drink at a friend’s house.

“Remember that drinks poured at home can be significantly larger than pub measures and that one drink taken to sociable could quite easily put you over the limit. Think of the consequences, don’t regret that drink. The simple message is do not be tempted - don’t risk it!

“If you are drinking at night or into the early hours over New Year, remember you could easily still be over the legal limit the following morning.

“If you have to travel, organise alternative transport. If you doubt your ability to drive at any time, leave the car - don’t risk it!.”