Don’t risk drinking and driving with new limit

Police appeal for witesses
Police appeal for witesses

My inbox is pretty full this week with questions and comments about the impending change to the drink driving limit.

In case you missed it, the legal drink driving limit in Scotland is to reduce (i.e. GO DOWN) in December.

As a professional, I very much support the move as it will hopefully be the nudge needed to some people to make the decision - either drink OR drive. One or the other, but not both.

I’ve always believed the current limits confuses people, who are often tempted to have one or two or three drinks, in the belief the law allows them so much. A penny please for every time I’ve been asked “how many drinks can I have then and still be legal?”

By reducing the limit, this should convince the chancers that the risk is too much and they will make the choice to drink or drive.

Other issues which go hand in hand with this subject are answered with the following stock answers, refined over a great many years -

(1) Yes, the police can stop any motor vehicle being driven on a road.

(2) No, we don’t need a reason.

(3) Yes, if you are suspected of having drink in your system, you can be required to give a breath test.

(4) No, you don’t have to be drunk.

(5) Yes, “required” means you must. If you don’t, then you may be charged.

(6) Yes, you can try and blow down the side of the tube but you may be arrested.

(7) Yes, we have heard every possible reason and excuse. In fact, retired police officers frequently write books on the subject.

Joking aside, FACT = drinking and driving kills.

If lowering the limit saves just one life, would you not agree the change is worth it?