Dog mauled in Cairnie attack

A LOCAL man whose dog was attacked by a Staffordshire Terrier is urging everyone who has a similar experience to contact the police.

The gentleman, who declined to be named, was walking his dog in the area behind Cairnie Crescent - known to locals as ‘the rocket park’ - when he noticed his pet playing with another dog.

However, after a short time he became aware that there was nothing playful about the scenario and his dog was, in fact, running away from the other dog.

He takes up the story: “It may not come as a surprise to your readers but this dog just happened to be a Staffordshire Terrier or ‘staffie’ as we all know it. It was not on a lead and was not under control. The dog eventually caught up with my dog and bit into his side and would not let go.

“The owner, on hearing the cries of distress from my dog, suddenly appeared out of the darkness and delivered eight or nine full-blooded blows to the dog’s head. The owner had either a bunch of keys or possibly the dog’s lead in his fist and it still wouldn’t let go its grip.

“The staffie’s jaws seemed to be locked. I grabbed hold of my dog while the dog’s jaws were still clamped to try and calm him (try calming a dog which is terrified!) and the owner of the staffie pushed his dog’s head down and demanded that he let go, which, thankfully, it eventually did. I count myself lucky that my dog was not killed or very seriously injured.

“Once I had my dog safely in my arms and the owner of the staffie finally had his under control, we ‘discussed’ the matter. I let him know that what had just happened wasn’t right and reminded him of the incident at Springfield Park in July when a Chihuahua was killed by a staffie.

“I asked him for his name and address which he gave me. We went our separate ways, me cradling my terrified dog in my arms while he scolded his dog.

“Later I went to see him, but the lady who answered the door told me that she had never heard of him! The lady seemed very sincere and expressed her sympathies to my dog. I hope the staffie owner has taken a thought to himself and keeps this dog on a lead at all times, muzzled or if he has children seriously thinks about getting rid of it!”

Our correspondent continued: “After a sleepless night and then finding out I was lied to, I visited the police on Tuesday. I can’t thank them enough and I applaud them for their attention to the situation.

“I know they have more important things to do than find a dog which bit my dog, but this story isn’t all about that. As well as my dog being injured I couldn’t live with myself if it transpired later that this animal had injured, bitten or mauled a young child.

“I would encourage anyone who has had an incident with any of these dangerous dogs to immediately report it to the police. They will look into your happening and will visit the dog’s owner and record the occurrence for future reference.”

He said she took his dog to the vet on the Tuesday. He administered antibiotics and supplied more to be applied for the remainder of the week to stop the nasty tear and puncture wound in his side from becoming infected.

The dog owner stated: “We have also to give him painkillers. I don’t look forward to the vet bill I will have to pay because someone else’s dog is out of control.”

A spokesman for Tayside Police stated: “Tayside Police can confirm that they investigated an incident which occurred on Monday, October 24, in Cairnie Crescent, Arbroath, whereby a dog being walked in the area by a man, was set upon by another dog which was not under proper control of its owner.

“The owner of the dog immediately left the area, but was subsequently traced and warned by officers.”

He continued: “Anyone who is involved in a similar incident whereby the police need to be called, should ask the owner to remain in the area to await their attendance. If there is no apparent owner nearby, try to obtain as good a description of the dog as possible and the area it was last seen, and check for any people who may have witnessed the incident.

“Ask these people if they would be willing to provide their name and a form of contact which may be passed to the police, to assist in their enquiries.

“Anyone wishing to report an incident should contact Tayside Police on 0300 111 2222 or can do so at any police station.”