Dog attack charges

POLICE have confirmed that a 27-year-old man has been arrested in connection with a dog attack that killed a couple’s family pet.

At the end of last month, Jim and Jackie Stewart’s treasured Chihuahua, Holly, was mauled in their back garden in Sidlaw Avenue by another dog.

Not only was the pet fatally injured in the vicious attack, Mrs Stewart was also left with puncture wounds to her fingers while attempting to rescue Holly.

Tayside Police had been investigating the incident and were appealing for information.

But on Tuesday they said that a 27-year-old man had charged in connection with the incident.

The attack came just a week after a family cat was attacked and died in Lamley Terrace, leaving another Arbroath pet owner bereft.

Police also said that a 31-year-old woman had been charged in connection with that incident.

It also mirrors an incident in June last year, when another Chihuahua was killed in Springfield Park by a bull terrier type dog.

Many of the recent dog attack incidents have involved Staffordshire bull terriers and Ian Robb from Help for Abandoned Animals is leading a campaign for tighter controls on their breeding.

And meetings to discuss the problem are now being arranged by Mr Robb with Angus Council and Tayside Police.